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  • ryan.modjeski


    Product guy, magician, game designer, brand geek, capoeirista, interactive polymath.

  • Scott Kley Contini

    Scott Kley Contini

    Director of Learning Innovation & Design @harkerschool - Provoking the thought process...

  • Christy K. Sanders

    Christy K. Sanders

    Third Grade Teacher; EDTECH Doc Student; Pet Guardian: #edtech #blendedlearning #close reading #purium

  • Peggy George

    Peggy George

    Retired elementary principal, university teacher educator, former Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar co-host, tech geek, grandma

  • Cameron Fox

    Cameron Fox

    Head of School, American International School, Hong Kong.

  • Mentorem Academy

    Mentorem Academy

    working on fixing education for communities looking for change. Sharing experiences, thoughts, and ideas on here. www.mentorem.org

  • Scott Carey

    Scott Carey

    Principal, Oilfields High School, Black Diamond, AB Mildly disruptive in looking for simplicity on the other side of chaos.

  • Shaileen Pokress

    Shaileen Pokress

    If we truly want diversity in the tech workforce, we must treat computer science as a basic competency for ALL students from K to 12.

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