I’m been teaching remotely for just over 6 months, and as far as I can tell, I will be doing this for a few more months yet. It’s ok. I am thankful I work at a small school, with great families. We are doing all we can to keep the sense of connection that is the center of engagement. There has been a great deal of change, ongoing, unresting change, and I have been able to encounter it gracefully at times and other times I have not. I am ok with that.

In the midst of all of this, I…

My sister gave me the book Street Gang, a history of Sesame Street, and I love how it has made me think about the GIANT collection of people and talent that collaborated to bring the dream of good television for young kids to life.

In the past couple years I have read/ watched/ listened to books and films about some of the most important media in my life, The Muppets, Mister Rogers, and Sesame Street. This has helped me see the much bigger picture of the mission and women and men behind each of these amazing projects.

The groundwork, research…

When I look at my schooling, I would say it failed me because it was supposed to “prepare me for life” and help me “leave imagination and fancy behind.” This was not for lack of trying, I was a resilient dreamer and I was cynical about schooling by 6th grade.

I loved topics like science, but I struggled in the classes. I would read ahead in class in the text book. The teacher saw this as “off task,” while I was really running my own advanced tutorial.

I am at a tipping point in my teaching timeline, soon I will…

A Teacher’s Guide to Action: We’ve Trumped Ourselves

A teacher’s job, and we do so imperfectly, is to help students learn how to become productive and engaged members of society. To help them navigate through noise and opinion to truth, to help them learn to care for others.

America is hurting after this 2016 election and there is plenty of blame and bad feelings to go around. What concerns me most is that some 49% of the adults who could have voted didn’t. They choose not to. …

The Done and Unfinished

“But what about the movie I didn’t finish making last time?” — I reply “You won’t finish it this time either.”

When I taught English we finished what we started, pathologically. If we started a book we read all of it, and then re-read it. Sometimes we would recreate parts of the book in different forms just to be really thorough.

As a Makerspace teacher, I start more things than get finished. Some projects get truncated. This is pretty common. …

Sam Patterson

Literacy EdD, programming and K-5 Tech , Blogger, Puppet Man, Podcaster, Robot Coach , Sphero ambassador, #GTAMTV

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